The Criminal Court Process in Minnesota: A Step-By-Step Guideline


A law enforcement officer may arrest a person if he or she has probable cause to believe that a person has committed a specific crime. This probable cause is a much lower standard than what is needed to actually obtain a conviction (proof beyond a reasonable doubt). When an arrest is made, the person accused of a crime may be ticketed and released, or taken into custody and transported to the police station. At the police station they are fingerprinted and booked.

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Let’s Hope for Justice

Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse is always a sad situation. This guy has a history, which many of the most dangerous offenders do, and unfortunately the ultimate tragedy came of it. If you are in Minnesota, or anywhere else for that matter, and there is Domestic Assault/Violence or Child Abuse in your home (or you know of it occurring in someone else’s home), please report it and seek the necessary help. There are many shelters out there set up for the purpose of helping victims. Silence will not stop the problem.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Still Dreaming After 50 Years

This year will mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Fifty years later this speech is still powerful and moving. It is the most famous speech from quite possibly the greatest speaker in American history. Tomorrow we will celebrate MLK Day across the country. While many people will simply view this as a day off of work, I want to make sure we don’t lose sight of what this man meant to our country. Unfortunately, there are still pockets of this country where racism is an issue, but we have sure come a long way…..and let’s hope will continue to move forward.

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When Do You Have To Allow An Officer To Search Your Home….Almost NEVER.

The following article was written by Larry M. Elkin, I came across it recently and found that it is a good reminder that unless an officer has a search warrant, you do not have to allow him to search your home or car. There are a couple exceptions to this rule, but it is always best to politely decline the request to search.

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Can We Learn Anything From the Sandusky Trial?

By now almost everyone is aware of the Jerry Sandusky trial. Even for those who tend to tune into ESPN instead of the evening news, there was no escape, thanks in large part to the role Penn State University and their football team played in the saga. To put this into context, the verdict was read at the same time as the NHL draft, less than 24 hours after the NBA crowned a new champion, and during the College World Series; however, the lead story on SportsCenter that night was the 45 individual guilty verdicts handed down by the jury. There is still a lot that we don’t know about the whole situation, and some things we will never know, such as what did the late Joe Paterno know about Sandusky’s actions. One thing we do know, barring a successful appeal by Sandusky’s legal team, is that Sandusky will die while in the custody of the Pennsylvania prison system. He is 68 years old and facing a minimum of 60 years of incarceration.

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One Less Shield for a Deadbeat Parent to Hide Behind

The federal government has made the decision to no longer send paper checks to individuals collecting federal benefits. So, now for everyone who receives social security payments, disability benefits, or veteran’s benefits, the money will be electronically transferred into their bank account. This plan will not go into place until March 2013, but when it does many “deadbeat” parents will find it harder to hide from their child support payment obligations. At the present time, one way many “deadbeats” are able to keep their federal benefits is by simply not depositing the check into their bank accounts. Now it will be much easier for the States to garnish a large percentage of these benefits before the “deadbeat” ever has access to the money.

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Goldy’s Run

Welcome to my blog at I will be periodically blogging about legal issues  and updates in the law, and discussing how you may be affected. Also, I will blog about current events or other topics which are in the news. Today, however, I want to blog about Goldy’s Run, which is a 10 mile, 5K or Kid’s Run being held on the University of Minnesota’s campus next month.

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