Colleague Endorsements

I endorse this lawyer. His answers that are published on tell you attorney Leone knows the law and equally knows how to explain it clearly to people. His blog’s content is equally interesting and informative. He clearly cares about making sure that people get solid advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. If his office is anywhere near you and you have a Criminal Law question or problem, he is your answer. I recommend him to you without hesitation.

Ronald Burdge, Lemon Law Attorney, Dayton, OH

Mr. Leone is a knowledgeable and competent attorney. You would be well served by retaining his services.

Michael Millar, Litigation Lawyer, Toms River, NJ

Attorney Leone is one of the finest attorneys in his state. He is a strong and zealous advocate for his clients and a credit to the legal profession. I highly recommend his legal services.

Howard Lewis, Divorce / Separation Lawyer, Framingham, MA

Excellent lawyer.

Tatiana Kadetskaya, Personal Injury Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA

Andrew M. Leone has a clear message to all those affected by the law – “don’t take unnecessary chances!” Great advice from a great attorney & I am happy to offer Mr Leone my endorsement.

Dorothy Bunce, Bankruptcy Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

Andrew Leone is a very knowledgeable, ethical, and skilled advocate. I would highly endorse him for anyone seeking counsel.

Jason Reid, Criminal Defense Attorney, Bradenton, FL

He is very intelligent and caring. He is also very respected in the legal community so if you need a great attorney call Andrew Leone today.

Patrick Earl, Criminal Defense Attorney, Moses Lake, WA

I had the privilege to work with Andrew during my time as a prosecutor in Orlando, FL. During that time, I learned a lot about the justice system and becoming a better advocate in court through his mentoring. Andrew has the passion and vision to achieve true results for his clients. As a former prosecutor, defense attorney and current assistant attorney general, I can say Andrew has the integrity, leadership skills and drive to help his clients with matters affecting their liberty. I strongly endorse this lawyer.

Brent Kelleher, Assistant Attorney General, Miami, FL

Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

Christian Lassen, Personal Injury Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA

Andrew Leone is a true trial attorney with extensive experience in the Courtroom. He is committed to his craft and provides exceptional results for his clients.

Jay Rooth, Criminal Defense Attorney, Orlando, FL

I highly recommend Mr. Leone for representation on all criminal matters. He has an excellent reputation and works hard to obtain optimal results.

Darren Meyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, Fredericksburg, VA

Mr. Leone is an excellent attorney who provides great advice and will fight for his clients.

Kristine Karila, Employment/Labor Attorney, Irvine, CA

Mr. Leone was always professional and courteous when I worked with him.

Amanda Sampaio, Criminal Defense Attorney, Orlando, FL

Always very quick and accurate with advice and very professional with clients.

Thomas Schaeffer, Criminal Defense Attorney, San Diego, CA

Mr. Leone has shown a willingness to assist those in need. His Avvo answers display a firm grasp of the law.

Christopher Palmer, Business Attorney, Warrenton, OR

I worked together with Andrew at the prosecutor’s office, and I have seen first-hand Andrew’s supreme level of commitment to excellence and to the law. He is an outstanding attorney who consistently obtains exceptional results, and I would not hesitate to send family and friends to Andrew. I highly endorse this lawyer.

Jedediah Main, Litigation Lawyer, Winter Park, FL

A curious mind and natural legal ability characterize Mr. Leone, along with demonstrated success. I heartily recommend his services to anyone.

Horace Sawyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, Ringgold, GA

 He is a highly respected lawyer in our community.

Michael Juarez, Landlord/Tenant Lawyer, San Diego, CA

I endorse Attorney Leone. From his answers and time on Avvo, it is clear he is dedicated to serving those in need and his clients. It’s rare that lawyers spend so much valuable time helping the community, for free, and I applaud him for doing it to such a great level. Kudos.

John Phillips, Personal Injury Lawyer, Jacksonville, FL

Mr. Leone is very experienced and provides pertinent advice. He is very hard working and is dedicated to helping his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Manuel Juarez, Car/Auto Accident Lawyer, Berkeley, CA

 I have enjoyed reading Mr. Leone’s answers on Avvo, and he is consistently accurate, analytic, and thorough. And his dedication to the profession is highly evidenced by his devotion of tremendous time and effort to helping those in need.

Sarkis Sirmabekian, Litigation Lawyer, Glendale, CA

Mr. Leone has a good grasp of the law and is a fine attorney.

Kyle Bristow, Criminal Defense Attorney, Toledo, OH

I recommend Mr. Leone to those in his community.

Jayson Lutzky, Divorce/Separation Lawyer, Bronx, NY

Mr. Leone demonstrates wisdom and experience that can only be gained over years of hard work as an attorney who cares about his clients.

David Mahood, Divorce/Separation Lawyer, Savage City, MD

I endorse my colleague, Andrew Leone. He is a knowledgeable and effective advocate for his clientele. His passion for taking on their cause, and achieving the best result possible has garnered the respect of the bar.

Bart Craytor, Criminal Defense Attorney, Atlanta, TX

Mr. Leone is a well respected and knowledgeable attorney.

Kenneth LaBore, Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect Lawyer, Minneapolis, MN

Highly rated and knowledgeable.

Mark Caruso, Personal Injury Lawyer, Albuquerque, NM

 Attorney Leone is held in high esteem by his clients and his peers. His expertise and experience in criminal law make him an excellent attorney. I highly recomment him and his services.

Peggy Raddatz, Divorce/Separation Lawyer, La Grange, IL

Mr. Leone is both informative and helpful. Highly recommended!

Mark Campanella, Litigation Lawyer, Fairport, NY

Mr. Leone is a terrific attorney. Having worked with him at the State Attorney’s Office, I can certainly attest to his strong work ethic, intelligence, and passion for his cases. I would strongly recommend Mr. Leone for anyone needing an attorney.

Eric Trabin, Criminal Defense Attorney, Winter Park, FL

Mr. Leone is an asset to the legal community, and it is my pleasure to offer him my endorsement.

Patrick Phillips, Personal Injury Lawyer, San Diego, CA

It is a pleasure to endorse Attorney Leone. His experience in the field makes him an ideal representative. His answers are professional and intelligent.

Donald Woodbine, Personal Injury Lawyer, Providence, RI

Mr. Leone seems to have a very high level of legal knowledge and expertise.

David Pittman, Personal Injury Lawyer, Ft. Myers, FL

Attorney Leone is an accomplished and experienced criminal defense attorney. He is clearly the “go to” guy if you are in need of top tier legal representation.

Michelle Fioravanti, DUI / DWI Attorney, Exton, PA

I highly endorse Attorney Leone and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking knowledgeable and dedicated legal counsel.

Arthur Obolsky, Fraud Lawyer, Berkeley, CA

I highly recommend this attorney. Very intelligent and very thorough when analyzing legal issues! Compassionate with clients and aggressive with legal issues! 5 STARS!!

Charles Franklin, Foreclosure Attorney, Orlando, FL

 Mr. Leone is a very intelligent advocate for his clients.

Timothy Brown, Criminal Defense Attorney, Nixa, MO

Having worked on both sides of the criminal law “fence,” Mr. Leone is able to provide his clients a level of understanding that some cannot. He’s knowledgeable and cares about the outcomes of cases

Andrew Clifford, Criminal Defense Attorney, Raleigh, NC

While practicing as an Assistant State Attorney Andrew was competent and ethical in the handling of his cases. Andrew was both knowledgeable of the law and handled himself very well in the courtroom.

Guillermo Corzo, Criminal Defense Attorney, Kissimmee, FL

I endorse this lawyer. Andrew is a top contributor on AVVO. He is licensed to practice law in Minnesota and Florida. I find him very insightful and would recommend my Michigan clients to him for criminal or drunk driving services should they need a lawyer in Minnesota.

Cy Abdo, Criminal Defense Attorney, Clinton Township, MI

Andrew is a top contributor on avvo. I find him to be very insightful and would highly recommend him for criminal or drunk driving services.

Jasen Nielsen, DUI/DWI Attorney, Santa Barbara, CA

Mr. Leone’s contributions to the AVVO website are informative and accurate. He is an asset to the AVVO and legal community.

Adrienne Allen, Personal Injury Lawyer, Grass Valley, CA

A unique combination of experience, skill and knowledge make him a real contender in the courtroom.

John Naumovski, DUI/DWI Attorney, Hampton, VA

Attorney Leone is a knowledgeable lawyer who is generous with his time and expertise. I recommend him.

Brian Crockett, Personal Injury Lawyer, Houston, TX

I endorse this lawyer. Andrew is a top notch attorney. His responses in public forums such as AVVO showcase his experience, expertise, and a deep understanding and knowledge of the law. Any person in need of an attorney will be greatly served by this superior attorney.

Martha Bronson, Family Law Attorney, Tracy, CA

Mr. Leone is highly respected in the legal community. His experience and knowledge make him the great advocate. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal advice.

Shachar Malachovsky, Immigration Attorney, New York, NY

Andrew is a great choice for representation. He is a highly skilled attorney who is well respected in the legal community.

Michael Harman, Employment/Labor Attorney, Concord, NC

I endorse Mr. Leone. He is a very skilled and experienced lawyer in the areas of criminal defense, family law, and estate planning. He insures that his clients receive the attention they need and places their satisfaction above all else. I highly recommend Mr. Leone’s legal services.

Caroline Vodzak, Child Custody Lawyer, South Park, PA

Mr. Leone is a highly knowledgeable and passionate attorney. I highly recommend him.

Nicholas Loncar, Criminal Defense Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

Andrew has exceptional knowledge regarding criminal defense matters as evidenced by his legal extensive background and his responses on Avvo.

Michael Crosner, Personal Injury Lawyer, Northridge, CA

His posts demonstrate his deep understanding of complex legal issues. His answers are always thoughtful, accurate, and they evidence his genuine interest in helping people.

Edgar Reynoso, DUI/DWI Attorney, Irvine, CA

Mr. Leone obviously is very well educated in the area of law in which he practices, and is a great asset to his legal community.

Jeffrey Holmes, Child Custody Lawyer, Vancouver, WA

 Mr. Leone’s frequent contributions to Avvo demonstrate his thorough knowledge of the law.

Henry Rothrock, Tax Lawyer, Dallas, TX

Andrew and I had one of the most memorable trials I have ever had back when he was a prosecutor. He is an impeccable trial lawyer. He has brought his experience as a prosecutor to the defense side of criminal justice.

Melissa Stockham, Family Law Attorney, Lake Mary, FL

I have had the privilege of reviewing many of Andrew’s responses and comments to questions posted on Avvo. His answers and comments reflect a deep understanding of the law and have provided helpful information.

Cheryl Smith, Real Estate Attorney, Frisco, TX

It is clear from Andrew’s education and experience that he is an excellent attorney. I strongly endorse this lawyer.

Joshua Lippes, Personal Injury Lawyer, Buffalo, NY

Mr. Leone is an exceptional attorney. Although I have been practicing law for 24 years as a judge, magistrate, law professor, prosecutor, and private attorney, I learn from his responses on Avvo every time that he posts. If I needed an attorney, I would hire him. I recommend him with no reservation. It would be the best investment of your life to hire him to represent you.

Christopher Leroi, Business Attorney, Greenwood Village, CO

I endorse Counsel Andrew M. Leone who practices in several areas of law and offers a reliable legal analysis in the practicing areas based on his exhibited respectable legal experience and skill. I recommend this attorney for attentive representation.

Alexander Ivahnenko, Immigration Attorney, Chicago, IL

He gives answers that cut to the chase and are easy to understand.

Ronald Eisenberg, Litigation Lawyer, Chesterfield, MO

Top notch attorney who is highly respected in the legal community.

Daniel Tam, Credit Repair Attorney, Miami Beach, FL

Mr. Leone is very knowledgeable about criminal defense issues. I would not hesitate to refer someone to him for help.

Mary Higdon, Criminal Defense Attorney, Bloomington, IN

Mr. Leone provides accurate and insightful solutions for appeals issues. He demonstrates his dedication to the profession by taking time from his busy practice to provide meaningful answers to questions on Avvo. I would not hesitate to refer someone to him for legal representation.

Allison Hamilton, Mediation Attorney, Katy, TX

A brilliant and highly respected attorney in the legal community.

John O’Brien, Personal Injury Lawyer, Elk Grove, CA

A highly skilled and respected lawyer in the legal community.

Sean Cleary, Car/Auto Accident Lawyer, Miami, FL

Andrew is a dedicated and passionate attorney who goes the extra mile for the client.

Misty Fields, Criminal Defense Attorney, Tulsa, OK

Highly skilled and respected member of the legal community.

Jeffrey Stinson, Real Estate Attorney, Hamilton, MA

Andrew is a sharp witted, outside-the-box thinker who brings these attributes to the table for his clients’ benefit.

Saam Ghiaasiaan, Immigration Attorney, Norcross, GA

As a former assistant state attorney he has a distinct advantage! “They know that he knows what they know”. If you’re in his area call for a consultation.

Peter Marek, Criminal Defense Attorney, Stockton, CA

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